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This is where discipleship is in the doing.

This is a ministry resources site and unless otherwise stated all material is copyrighted by me. However it may be freely downloaded, used, studied, and copied without cost.

This is a ministry resources website for Discipling a hurting people

Help is a abstract word. However we need help to disciple and preach the Word of God. A lot of ministers have chosen the road to self glorification and even charge for "their" resources. I have been instructed by God to make it all free of charge. It is all His anyway.


This site is a controversial site

This is a hard truth

This site deals with the explosive topic of sin

This site is not for everyone as some will be offended. I must not apologize for speaking the truth in Love.

Old Site dealing with D.I.D.

My old site dealing with D.I.D.(Dissociative Identity Disorder) will remain available until all content is merged into this new site

If you are hurting from D.I.D be sure to check out the D.I.D page coming soon. However a lot of help can be obtained from the old site and just listening to the healing music.

Link can  be found on the Ministry resources page

     I have overcame many things through my Source and He is the ultimate source.  All old material will be available and new material. This is more pleasing to the eye and works on more devices than the old site. May God richly bless you as you visit this site.