Healing from Hurt

      Hello this is a place to come when you are hurting and need to recharge your heart. The music here is designed to help heal your soul and spirit. Please feel free to make as many copies of the music as you like to.

     You may download them, burn them, give them away. You may not sell them or restrict them in any way. I was freely given so I freely give. If you wish you may edit them to clean the audio as they are not studio quality. If you do this please email this site with a copy of the cleaned audio so it can be freely shared. I“m richly blessed by hearing them and you will be as well. May you be blessed and saved protected in Jesus the only true living God.

Do to hosting account limitations they may not be streamed.

This may change if I get enough donations to update my hosting.

Please be patient as I am still working on an index system

Access Here