This is our simple about us page

The resources on this site have been prayfully presented 

All resources unless very clearly marked other wise are totally free to copy for personal as well as collective use 

So long as the content is not altered in anyway and is given away free of charge.

Discipleship in Doing is not a 501c3 organization. So if we accept donations in the future they are not tax deductible. Nor will we ever be 501c3 as God is willing of that.  It is the labor of love of people who want to see the world saved for the Lord Jesus of Nazareth. We do not take tax write-offs for this ministry. We do not have a statement of faith except the gospel as presented by Peter on Pentecost in Acts and the Living Torah the Lord Jesus who walked the ways of God perfectly and became a living sacrifice.  We do not have a publishing schedule etc… As the Lord leads so we add new content to this site.  The kingdom of God reigning on earth is soon upon us 

This site is a small part of equipping the end time saints to shine for Him.