Yet another study on pornography?

  • Yes I know that it is needed this is written from some one that has broken the hold
  • I need to do this as is needed
  • The king told me he wanted me to do this
  • The hidden sins of the heart are powerful
  • The truth must be told by someone that has been freed by the power of the truth

I willingly give evidence of the effects of iniquity on the life of a believer and I pray that you will use this study as well as recoverthesword(how to get it is located at the end of the study), and break the stronghold of porn in your life.

A little background

Pornography is not mentioned in the bible therefore it is not wrong you say. It is not mentioned under that name no, but the principle is condemned from Genesis to Revelation. I know this the work of a deranged man who finds demons under every tree to some and it is up to every man to determine what is evil is the society's view Friend please read this as it is the heart of iniquity that gets Gods anger.

the history of pornography

The history of pornography deals with the prostitute and the whore. It means the pictures and writings of the harlot. Now as believers we are told to avoid both harlots and whores. The meaning of the word should set up a red flag in our hearts.

Plus we are told to think on good things the pictures of harlots and whores are not good things.

I am a believer that doesn't mean I have it all together but one thing I know sin is detestable to the only Lord and Saviour Jesus. I make no apologies if this offends you I am determined not to be a stumbling block to my brother in any way

I will prove the history

Notice the word porne with a line over the e and its spelling and such more on that later pronounced pornay

If a sin why no mention?

Is there a mention of gambling by name in the scripture? Not that I know of. Yet just about any pastor will tell you gambling is wrong. Why? It violates other teaching of scripture like thriftiness, laying up treasures on the earth the principle of gaining money without wisdom, not being a good steward etc.. So now we must ask does pornography violate any principle in the Word of the Lord.

Yes it does plenty

Where shall I begin I shall begin at the beginning of our hope in the words of the Master of Glory LORD of heaven and earth Jesus. Matthew 5:28 But I say unto you that whosoever looketh on a woman to lust after her has already committed adultery with her in his heart. This one stung like a brood of scorpions when I was in this sin. I don't have to tell you that it is nearly impossible to view porn without lusting after the woman in your heart.

Notice it did not say anything about the woman or the man being married!

Are you crying yet?

Even as I set here and write I'm crying as I know what this has done to my walk with the Lord and the great danger he has delivered me from.

Then You have Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. I know I can answer that it caused impurity in heart the porn industry does not promote monogamous godly marriage anything but that. They don't stop with just sexual acts between a man and a woman. Porn causes impurity of heart.

Notice the Master's attitude on anything that makes us to offend [sin] He says cut it off and cast it away! Matt 5:29-30. Wow! this passage is directly after the passage dealing with adultery of the heart and before the causes of physical adultery.

Where is it mentioned in the scripture in the word porneia which is the greek word for sexual imorality translated as fornication including incest and adultery pornos a male fornicator porne already mentioned

What is with a word you ask Well I will tell you it is very important to understand the roots of pornography as it has its roots in fornication

More on the History

I will quote few different sources some religious some not they all speak with one voice on what porn is

From Psychology Wiki Pornography (Greek pornographia from porne , prostitute + grapho , (v.) to write + suffix ia , state of , property of , place of) , more informally referred to as porn or porno, is the explicit representation of the human body or sexual activity with the goal of sexual arousal.
See I am not making this up this word pornography is so close to the greek it is pathetic
Luthern ethics
A Series of Statements of the American Lutheran Church and an analysis by ALC Office of Church in Society (1974, 1985)
Now a good one from an indepth study on porn by the Lutherans note I am not a Lutheran he killed brothers in the faith and not catholic faith either. I used then because they are religious, but not of my biblical faith A Series of Statements of the American Lutheran Church and an analysis by ALC Office of Church in Society (1974, 1985) 2. Definitions of Pornography
The word "pornography" is compiled from two Greek words, "pornay" and "graphay." "Pornay" is a form of "peraymi," which means "to sell," usually in reference to a slave or harlot for hire. "Graphay" refers to that which is written, inscribed, or pictured. "Pornography," then, literally means picturing or describing prostitutes, with the connotation of an unequal slave/master relationship. Such portrayals have occurred throughout human history.

from a dictionary

pornography definition

por·nog·ra·phy (pôr nägrə fē)


  1. writings, pictures, etc. intended primarily to arouse sexual desire
  2. the production of such writings, pictures, etc.

Etymology: < Gr pornographos, writing about prostitutes < pornē, a prostitute, orig. a euphemism, lit., (something) sold, akin to pernēmi, to sell (esp. as a slave, or for a bribe) < IE base *per-, to sell, bring across, come over > fare + Gr graphein, to write: see graphic

Related Forms:

Webster's New World College Dictionary Copyright © 2005 by Wiley Publishing, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio.



Okay that is three sources they all say the same thing where porn came from. There are many more but even using the greek porne brings up tons of porn sites. For this search I used a text browser. I know my limitations and going thru about 3 or so pages of porn is not the right idea it is not wise if I don't have to take heed lest I fall

Ok now we must ask ourselves some questions as believers some hard questions?

  • Why do we want to look at pictures of prostitutes?
  • How could this be thinking on good things ?
  • How can we take fire in our bosom and not be burned wisdom from the wise

Stated in a more specific way How can we look at porn the pictures of harlots and be satisfied with our wives if you are single this making of provision for the flesh will notice I did not say if but will lead you to commit a type of fornication premarital sex. Notice the word type because pornography itself is also type of fornication of the heart Matt 5:28 that leads to physical fornication

Maybe I will will get in trouble but porn is a form of idolatry and it takes the place of God in your life if you let it

More Questions

  • If I am serving God can I serve porn as it is clearly a violation of the biblical holiness?
  • Do I dare think that just because I am a member of the household of G-d that I will be OK?
  • What are the long terms effects of looking at porn
  • Is porn ungodliness?

Why the Questions ?

Well first if we ask ourselves these self answering questions then we will be working in the right direction

First question no man can serve two masters according to the sermon on the mount, the words of the Lord himself. Second if judgement begins with the house of God because I am a member of the body of Christ do I escape no.... Just as a father can not control or modify the behaviour of the neighors kids So God will first make sure his own children are behaving and just like a father he disciplines chastens the bible calls it chastening is not, time out It is serious correction if need be!

We reap what we sow and a messianic minister told me one time not in the same season! UH OH trouble ahead no one really knows how it will effect you but I can guarantee you not in good way. One thing is you will and I will say that again WILL battle more lust and it will be harder to be satisified in sex with your darling

Do we really even need to ask the last question is porn ungodly? YES there are brothers in the faith of Christ that think it is not ungodly so I must ask and answer that question though to most reading I have already.

Is it ungodly ?

Let us review

  • Pictures and writings of harlots
  • idolatry
  • crying as I write Adultery of the Heart Matt 5:28
  • promotes fornication condemned from genesis to revelation
  • It is not thinking on good things
  • Adding here not of the new man
  • These are only a few examples the answer is ????????????????????????? YES

makes God chasten us

Romans Chapter one says the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against men who hold the truth in ungodliness. Christians who hold the truth in ungodliness are bringing Gods chastening {and hard chastening}on them!

I have not given every scripture but I want to give one more fornication so angered God he almost destroyed all of israel except Moses

Read it for yourself in exodus and it is mentioned in the writing to the body of christ in the new testament Neither let us commit fornication as some and their carcasses fell in the wilderness

I know this has not been pleasant but disease is not pleasing to deal with and the stink of this is an afront to God the only God. Friend and/or man of God after reading this and if this is a problem in your life please read recoverthesword located at this website please share make many copies as you want there are no copy rights in the kingdom because it is all from one author The author and finisher of our faith Messiah Yeshua (Christ Jesus)

for more study I recommend esword and the word fornication as well as much prayer and fasting to understand