These are the steps


  1. I used an audio recorder and when I felt like I was going to pass out, I turned it on and got the "others" on audio . So I got to know them some even before they officially told me anything.
  2. I went to a great support group but not one specifically for D.I.D.
  3. I refused to believe that change was not possible.
  4. I made it priority in my life to conquer D.I.D. You have to hate being that way or want to change more than being D.I.D. in order to change.
  5. I acknowledged that though me being this way was not my fault, I needed help.
  6. I did not tolerate wrong conduct from my others. I asked other people who knew I was this way to help monitor the others like Connie.
  7. I allowed the others to come out only in a controlled environment. This took a lot of time and effort. At first when I found out they were coming out whenever and made a wreck of my life. I started fighting to maintain control.
  8. I got accountable to myself, and I made the others as much as possible accountable to me
  9. I encouraged the others to come out and share their feelings.
  10. Because of the help of and Connie, I got a system of communication set up and allowed and encouraged them to talk to each other.
  11. Someone else was involved, and I was not alone fighting the battle.
  12. I knew that it would take time and I did not give up and I kept getting help from my source.


    If you stop reading here and apply the above you will do better than you ever did before, BUT you still will have not tapped into my source to gain the best results. This source has bukoo authority and I have his authorization to use his authority. The Source is also an expert on the human mind and condition! Curious yet ???


    This Source has taken me from Total Dissociation when I was not aware of what was happening, to Co Awareness ( Looking at myself outside myself kind of like watching your others do something you did not like or would not do yourself, but not having anyway to stop them!). Then came Co-Cooperation where the others start cooperating to integration where they integrate to a point that your life is no longer chaos. D.I.D. ,without extra dimensional beings known to some as demons aka evil aliens, is an emotional issue and must be treated like one. My source will work with you without monetary charge at all but you must be willing to do what he says. My source will set you free from D.I.D.!


    My source is the Lord Jesus Christ, and he loves you even if you have D.I.D.. He wants you to live a fulfilling life in Him. In order to be given authorization to utilize his authority You must be born again of water and spirit, John 3:8 Meaning Acts 2:38 repent of all your sins baptized in Jesus Name and filled with the Holy Ghost. Well I am and was before knowing I am D.I.D. and still I was D.I.D. and some reading this will have been so now what?? Remember when I said it is an emotional issue? Since it is an emotional issue if no demons are present. Then it must be surrendered to God. He will give you comfort in your D.I.D. but wants you to be whole. They that be whole have no need of a physician. He is an expert on why you are D.I.D. and how to integrate for His Glory.


    If demons are Present seek a true deliverance minister! Ask God in Jesus name where to go on this one........ I had demons in my system and when I surrendered the D.I.D. to Jesus and followed his Direction, they left..... Praise his name! I went to a deliverance minister that left some with me when the session was over. We ran out of time WOW!!!!! I may have been free sooner if that had been completed. This is of vital importance if there are demons deal with them first!!!
Update as 10 Mar 2010 This is wonderful as a believer we can cast down imaginations. D.I.D. is caused by imaginations and thoughts as believers we can bring then under captivity of the Lord of Glory. Since I started this this month I have had fewer episodes and less severe ones though the stressors have increased!