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This is the nineth posting in this genre
I have been free of DID for over 1 and a 1/2 now and I am very happy My source changes the minds of the hurt and loves a lot more than anyone You have seen before.

I know that yours is not a hopeless case and this counselor is able to healyou . You have to cooperate with him though toget free of DID or other forms of dissociation

This is the eight posting in this genre and I'm still DID free and it is a great thing. Still in college and still have A STABLE life.

This is the seventh posting in this genre 110714.
I'm free of DID indeed as now I have the memories both bad and good, of the good and the bad done while not in my right mind. I struggle with the emotional baggage that was locked away. This is a good thing as I'm free too be me now and do not have to worry about flipping out. My source and prayer changes things and heals emotions. I still have daily triggers and no relapses thank you to my source. I have been very busy as I have been working and in college. With my source it can be done You too could be and should be DID free. Do not give up. Get Help Get friends and follow my source and get rid of not just manage your dissociation.

This is the sixth posting in this genre:
I'm free of DID now as I have not had any relapses for months and many many trigggers. I went to a mens conference and they prayed for me and I'm now free. I need to say that it is not a cake walk but I am glad for integration and even though painful sometimes I am very happy.


This is the fifth posting in this genre:
It has been along time a lot has happened still having the victory though I have had episodes my source has really helped me with that. There has been more hurt and betrayal. I hope this is forgiven to her and she OK. My days of having episodes have been very few. I have been in college for over a semester now and going strong and for that I'm thankful. I hope that will graduate this will really open doors for me in employment I hope. Fleshly emotion is a tough thing to master and we all need help there. My source is an expert on emotions. Read about him under the steps section. With my source there is healing and hope as well


This is the fourth posting in this genre:
I'm going to say that it is not easy moving on but I most do so if I want to be like I was created to be. I have been getting so much progress over this DID as well as other emotional issues that I hope to go to college soon. Still free of the DID as of OCT 2012 but very lonely as I'm divorced now. Actually I have been divorced on paper since 2008 but is is over now for sure. I have friends so that helps an lot and they help me to grow. It is hard to say but if you want to be free sometimes you must sever cut off the past and its hurts and pains. Though not a therapist I have walked the very scary road of DID and must say never want to walk that road again. Help is hard to find in the world as they do not have the right mind set about DID and do not think you can get free of it. Whether the abuse is DID related, the cause of it or it plain hurts the cycle can be broken!


This is the third posting in this genre:
I'm free of DID since November 2011. I just wanted to say that you do not have to very low stress to get free of DID with my source as he is an expert on DID and loves you very much. I had a lot of stressors in my life and still got free and when I was free for about 4 months the worst thing happened betrayal and hurt but still free of DID. If no malignant entities are present DID is just an emotional coping mechanism. I have chosen I do not want to escape and that was the beginning of being free from DID. It is importnat to understand that it can come if you are not careful and want remain free from it.


This is the second posting in this genre:
I have been free over 6 weeks from DID no episodes at all. This is amazing as I had an Episode at least very other day before then Although this last 1 and a half months has brought many challenges to life DID was not one of them! For that I'm very thankful.



This is the first posting in this genre :
Depression and Abuse seem like to peas in a pod at times if you have been abused you struggle with depression. I am challenging everyone who reads this post to understand they are victors and not only victims. You are still alive, the enemies of abuse and depression have not taken your life. Yes you are struggling but struggle means you have hope. I have D.I.D. I and D.I.D. seem to live as partners most days. I have had it at least 3 years now.
  • D.I.D. did:
  • Wrecked a marriage as they were violent to my love.
  • Wrecked a relationship with her family.
  • Caused me untold hardship financially.
  • Cause intense battles with depression
  • Kept me from My dying mother who is now dead for almost up until the end of her life
  • Could not think straight at all
  • Caused me a a lot of shame shame that was not valid but very real
  • Caused me to think my life was over
  • Caused suicidal thoughts only still here because of biblical faith in the Saviour
  • Thoughts that I would never see my family again meaning Brother
  • my wife then, stepdad and grandparents
  • Understanding of mental illness I did not have before
  • Helped to show me how weak I could be and how strong
  • Helped me not to judge people to look deeper than the surface
  • Was able to help those like me because I understand them now
  • D.I.D. could not and did not:
  • Take my biblical faith in Saviour
  • Did not take my life
  • Cause me to die
  • Make me into an invalid
  • Cause a breakdown of hope
  • Make me bitter at life
  • Cause a change in my foundational beliefs
  • Cause me to lose out in life
  • Cause me not to be able to do something though it is not what I did before
  • Cause me to to be unique and precious
  • Rob me of joy all the time
  • Make a mess of my mind that is permanent
  • Cause me to be able to learn new things
  • Make a contribution to my life and others